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Toolchain for the NVIDIA CUDA nvcc compiler.

NetBeans Plugin - CUDA-plugin
Plugin owner: jux
Added: 2011-02-03
License: GPLv2
Category: Programming Languages
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This module provides NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 with a toolchain for the NVIDIA® CUDA compiler (nvcc) under Linux.

Manual adjustments are required after installation. Please refer to the enclosed documentation (readme.txt) for more details.

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User Comments


support for Mac OS X version 10.6.8 | NB7.1 ?

Anyone succeeded in installing the plug-in for mac snow leopard?

I have installed the NVIDIA Toolkit at the default path of /usr/local/cuda, but there is no GNU+CUDA tool collection present on the "Build Tools" tab. If i try to add 'nvcc' manually (Add New Tool Collection -> Select '/usr/local/cuda/bin/' as Base Directory), I get "No compiler sets were found in /usr/local/cuda/bin/"

Posted by nyiotis on Apr 10, 2012

Urgent!! CUDA Plug-in fails on Netbeans 7.0

I installed the plug-in on New Netbeans 7.0. In the Tools->Option menu item -> Option Dialog(ue) -> C++ -> "NO CUDA tool chain was created by default"

Now even after clicking on the Add (new tool chain) -> showing path to /usr/local/cuda/bin still could not identify the CUDA tool chain. It was not there?

Could you please look into this issue and fix it

Posted by goga on Apr 24, 2011

How to download the plugin?

In order to download the CUDA plugin you have to visit the plugin's homepage. Direct URL is
Posted by jkovalsky on Feb 16, 2011

Very nice!

Would be possible to port this plugin to Windows?
Posted by mjordan on Feb 04, 2011