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API documentation generator for PHP projects.

NetBeans Plugin - PHP APIGen - API documentation generator
Plugin owner: OndrejBrejla
Added: 2010-12-01
License: The MIT license
Category: Programming Languages
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What's new in this version

  • inputs inserted into a Generate API... dialog are saved for future use
  • generated API documentation is automatically opened after generation
  • some fixes and refactoring

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


PHP APIGen plugin provides support for the APIGen - API documentation generator. It provides new action item in the PHP project context menu: APIGen -> Generate API. Invoking this action opens a dialog with four basic APIGen options. If you set them correctly, you can generate your API documentation into a specified directory. You have to set up your path to APIGen in options dialog: PHP -> APIGen.

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User Comments


Build-specific dependency

I know that, but if there is no public API it has to depend on "implementation version"...I think. There is just another possibility to make it "specific version" dependent, but the APIGen module has to be a "friend" of the module on which it is dependent and if there are some API changes in that "friend" module you have to rewrite your code again. So the best possibility is to force "friend" module owner to make a public API :-) But I will look at it, I'm not sure if that dependency is necessary.

And maybe I'm absolutely wrong? ;-)
Posted by OndrejBrejla on Jan 20, 2011

Build-specific dependency

You have a build-specific dependence on PHP editor component. This prevents the plugin from installing on 7.0 builds. It also means you have to rewrite the plugin for every release.
There is a way to write plugins so their dependencies are not build-specific, but I don't know how to do it myself. Maybe ask Geertjan?
Posted by jeff_rubinoff on Jan 20, 2011