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Rectangular Edit Operations

NetBeans Plugin - Rectangular Edit Tools for NetBeans 6.9
Plugin owner: hmichel
Added: 2010-10-20
License: CDDL
Category: Editing
Downloaded: 4,108 times
 4.52, by 5 users

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This modules supports rectangular edit operations: 1. Rectangular Cut 2. Rectangular Copy 3. Rectangular Paste 4. Rectangular Delete 5. Rectangular Clear 6. Rectangular Replace

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User Comments


can't live without any more

whenever i have to work with boring final String[] - Arrays, created by pasting parts from documents (Excel-Sheets or something like that), this little tool is absolutely usefull to me, and i really like it.
Posted by pbucken on Jun 27, 2012

Strange but works

You can't really see your rectangular selection... just make a normal selection and this plugin's operations will treat it like a rectangular selection. It looks like you are selecting entire lines, but really only the starting and ending points of your selection matter because they define the corners of the rectangle. Simple to use but hard to explain... just try it out.
Posted by ryant on Jan 21, 2011

Difficult to use

This plug-in adds several menu entries under Edit->Rectangle to cut, copy, paste... as well as a toolbar with the same options. But it's not clear how to use them since there isn't an obvious way to create a rectangular selection in the first place. And, nope, Alt+Drag does not create a rectangular selection.
Posted by kAlvaro on Nov 10, 2010

Nice Plugin

Thanks for your work. I really need this plugin.
Posted by mahasarathi on Oct 27, 2010