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LessCSS Module - Syntax Highlighting for LessCSS

NetBeans Plugin - LessCSS Module
Plugin owner: killermonk
Website: https://bitbucket.org/killermonk/lesscss-module
Added: 2010-09-16
License: MIT
Category: Editing
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Updated the modules display name to be correct.
Attempting to sign the module with a personal certificate file.

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6.9 verification PASSED See verification details


This module allows for tighter integration of NetBeans with LessCSS (using the LessPHP standard). It currently provides syntax highlighting.

This is my first module. There will be improvements to it as I continue to add new features. This is a Beta project currently.

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User Comments


Autocomplete is VERY mssing here guys

Meantime, i changed the less file type to be text/css but now i dont have the whole @* highlight.. please add it :)
Posted by shlomisas on Feb 24, 2014

Autocompleting CSS properties

I would like to autocomplete css with this less plugin. I have NB 7.3 and it does not use any of the CSS templates (default or mine own).
Posted by kobi on Mar 11, 2013

Please Update for 7.2+

Please update your plugin for NetBeans 7.2+
Posted by jyeary on Dec 31, 2012

Autocompleting CSS properties

IS it possible to autocomplete css properties names and values with this plugin? I can use autocomplete in css files but not in .less files.
Posted by tomas.teicher on Oct 09, 2012

Better module for NB 7

This module doesn't work well on Netbeans 7, but there is another plugin: http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/34929/scss-support . This is for SCSS, but correctly-highlights LESS.
Posted by ioles on Apr 23, 2012

Works (for me), but

Works for me in NB 7.1.1
Will it be updated for 7.x?
It's pretty basic (still helpful enough), adding formatting would also be nice a nice start for enhancing this too...
Posted by dimvic on Mar 16, 2012

buggy in NB 7.0

do you plan update it for NB7.0. Thera are many problems with this plugin
Posted by gawan on Jul 01, 2011

Can't paste from clipboard in NB 7

Get a java.lang.IllegalStateException when trying to paste something from the clipboard into a .less file with this plugin.

Looks like it needs some updating for NB7.
Posted by chris4beta on May 04, 2011

Love the LessCSS

I ran across this module in netbeans and found out about LessCSS, it has cleaned up my CSS and provide so much more power in my ability to build web applications. Keep up the work on this module!! (And update it for NB 7.0)
Posted by Urkle on Apr 11, 2011