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NetBeans Tip Of The Day Sample

NetBeans Plugin - NetBeans Tip Of The Day Sample
Plugin owner: geertjan
Added: 2007-06-13
License: CDDL
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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Sample NetBeans Tip Of The Day. Take the following steps:
  1. Download and install the module.
  2. Find the new sample in the New Project wizard.
  3. Finish the sample wizard.
  4. Add the sample to your module suite.
  5. Add a library wrapper module for the SwingLabs JAR.
  6. On the sample module, set a dependency on the library wrapper module.
  7. Finally, deploy your suite.

The module creates a "" file in your NetBeans user directory's Preferences folder. Content is loaded into the Tip window. Replace properties or add to them, if you want. If/when it all works, inspect the sources and learn:

About SwingLabs JXTipOfTheDay functionality About NbPreferences API About how to read a template from the module and write it to a folder in the NetBeans user directory

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