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Code completion project sample. Provides code completion in text files. The words in the code completion box come from a text file registered in the Options window. So, you could register a file with ANY content (i.e., any language or word choices) there. Then that will be used. The definitions in the documentation section come from a web service, which provides definitions for English words only.

NetBeans Plugin - Text File Dictionary Project Template
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://blogs.sun.com/geertjan/entry/text_file_dictionary_project_template
Added: 2007-05-27
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Added screenshot of the New Project wizard, to show the location of the template.

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Sample TextFileDictionary project template which provides a module suite project, containing three module projects.

The main module project provides code completion for text files. The other two provide related libraries.

After running the module suite project, go to the Miscellaneous category in the Options window. There, use the new Dictionary File section to chose a text file containing words. One is included in the module project, called "English.0". Click OK.

Next, open a text file, press Ctrl-Space after typing one letter, and notice a code completion box appears with words that can complete the typed letter. Continue typing and notice that the code completion box guides you as you continue. A web service is called to fill the documentation popup for the current word in the code completion box. While the code completion box is open, press Alt-P to see a popup message.

This is where you find the project template in the New Project wizard:


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