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code collect manage by group,when need them,you can double-click or drag the code to current editor,the selected text in the editor can also drag to code file/folder. and a option float pane(ALT+ENTER) to help you convenient sellecting them.see the printscreen.currently,it support Chinese and English,if you need,you can get source from kenai,or give some bundle.

NetBeans Plugin - Code Collect
Plugin owner: wsc0751
Added: 2010-03-04
License: CDDL GPLV2(3) freely use
Category: Utilities
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this is 0.66 and 0.69 0.69 is for netbeans6.9. 0.66: include all functions: this is 0.66 , I add new functions at last time.feed back or on the websit kenai. I try to save some old versions on kenai from 0.26 start.Thanks! this plugin and source ,you can freely use 0.26
1 improve float pane's flicker
2 now can create right package name and update the package to the target package name
0.25 add 2 functions: 1 In the float pane, can select part of the text,if no selected,insert the while content
2 you can save some java file ,then can export them to a package, it work like this:
such as :
Test ----; ----;
Test.v1 ----; ----;
0.24: keep the functions.but I reduce the model and reomove some spare code.Now it's concise. 0.20: 1]]]it is convenient to use. from editor to another,the listener is auto passed to it,this mean UI is more friendly. I layout the code,it is more clever.
2]]]the float add a jcombobox,it is convenient to select the codes in the same item..
3]]] when you open new java file int editor,the linstener won't pass to it .you can CTRL+TAB,again ,then this new editor extends the listener,or when code collect window is actived ,the listener is passed to it at once. because there is only one listener,only one editor can has it .

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Plugin is not subject to any verification


1]]]in the option ,set the dir to store code folders and code files.can new folder or file.can drag or drop files to each other..
code file can drag to editor,the content will add to the editor,or double-click code file,the content will add to the last actived editors if there exist. Also can drag selected content in Ediror to code folder or code file..
2 ]]]a navigation windon can show the content ,can close this navigation window,this part will be disable,helping to release some resources.
3]]]a float pane . can show the content,you can have 5 kinds ways to set,include disable it. ALT+ENTER can toogle the pane show/hide ,CTRL+ALT+ENTER ,Can insert the content to editor if exists.
4]]] ALT+ENTER ,can set enable condition,to wiork with netbeans endtor's ALT+ENTER\.
5]]] the float pane has a combobox ,to select the same dir's code file,this is convenient to select smilar code(in the same item)

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really nice job

it's amazing ,thanks a lot
Posted by xicheni on Jan 06, 2012