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Generates wrapper accessor class for properties files

NetBeans Plugin - ResourceBundleWrapper
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Added: 2009-12-25
License: GPLv3
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Creates a Java class with simple wrappers for a properties file. Simply right click on the .properties file and choose the Create Wrapper Class item. A class with the name ${yourpropfile} will be created next to it.
For example if your properties file looks like this:

Then a wrapper would be created with the following methods:
String getDbConnString();
String getDbConnString(String defaultValue);
String getDbUserName();
String getDbUserName(String defaultValue);
String getDbPassword();
String getDbPassword(String defaultValue);

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User Comments


Plugin does work

This plugin works fine if the properties' file is in the src/ directory. At the project's root dir, it didn't work for me. I'm not sure if this is really a problem. The menu item should not show
Posted by melling on Jan 03, 2010

This didn't work

I created a new file, added your 3 lines, then right-clicked on the filename and selected "Created Wrapper Class" and nothing happened. This was on a Solaris box running Netbeans 6.8.
Posted by melling on Dec 29, 2009