RTF copy/paste for Netbeans 6.8 - plugin detail

Extension for NetBeans to copy editor content into RTF format documents. For example, the plugin allows you to copy the contents of the editor Netbeans OpenOffice or MS Office preserving syntax coloring.

NetBeans Plugin - RTF copy/paste for Netbeans 6.8
Plugin owner: misias
Added: 2009-11-18
License: GPL v3
Category: Editing
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Module to copy/paste Netbeans editor content with formatting to RTF format.


  • 1. Select code,
  • 2. Click right mouse button to expand popup menu,
  • 3. Select "Copy as RTF format" option to copy, selected content to system clipboard,
  • 4. Paste clipboard content to some RTF editor like OpenOffice or MSWord (special paste).

Additional options:

  • 1. Go to Tools - Options
  • 2. Select Copy/Paste tab to customize plugin options.


I tested plugin on Netbeans 6.8 beta with OpenOffice 3.0 and MSOffice.

Version for Nebteans 6.8 beta:



If you want developing this plugin - just write to me, I will add you to project owners.


If you have some suggestion write: mw219725@gmail.com

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User Comments


Re: Module dependence problem

Yes, that version installed alright (forgot to mention, that I have NetBeans 6.8).

I dropped a piece of source code to Word, and noticed, that the font of the text was non-proportional after paste !?

And another note: could this 'Copy as RTF format' action have some default keyboard accelerator/short cut ?

Anyway, this seems quite handy and useful plugin, thanks !

Posted by puppala on Jan 28, 2010

Re: Module dependence problem

Unfortunately, this module is a known problem and for each version of Netbeans you need a different version of my plugin (compiled under specific version of Netbeans). Do you tried to install this version of plugin?:
Maybe this is your version?
If plugin still doesn't work. the only solution is to download and compile the source of plugin yourself under your version of Netbeans (it is easy, without any problems). In the next week I willl do a review of netbeans versions and recompile the plugin under specific new versions of Netbeans.
Posted by misias on Jan 28, 2010

Module dependence problem

I changed this "org.netbeans.modules.editor.settings.storage/1 > 200910212001" manually in the module manifest in the ndm bundle. Didn't seem to have any effect. As a matter of fact, I still get the same error message, when installing this plugin:

"The plugin Editor Settings Storage is requested in implementation version 200910212001."

Is there some kind of "installed plugins" cache somewhere ?!?
Posted by puppala on Jan 28, 2010

Can i install it in 6.5

Is it possible to install it in 6.5
Posted by vidhyadharantechdays on Jan 27, 2010

module dependence problem

can't you write org.netbeans.modules.editor.settings.storage/1 > 200910212001 in the module manifest. that would allow to install the module on more recent releases much more easily.
Posted by stefamig on Jan 26, 2010

Cannot install

I tried to install the plugin on NetBeans IDE 6.8 (Build 200912041610) and got the following message
"The plugin Editor Settings Storage is requested in implementation version 200910212001".
Posted by DChrome on Jan 23, 2010