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NetBeans 6.7.1 version of the Documentation Module - OpenOffice Template based documentation generation for BPEL 2.0 files. This provides additional feature not available in the standard BPEL documentation option.

Plugin owner: dante
Website: http://blogs.sun.com/toxophily/entry/open_esb_tip_netbeans_plugin
Added: 2009-10-15
License: CDDL
Category: Documentation
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Signed and added additional upload function to allow user to specify the destination Spaces Registry

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The current implementation of Open ESB provides the developer with the ability to generate pdf based reports for their BPEL processes. By its nature this functionality is restricted in what it can provided and often does not meet the projects requirements simply taking the documentation added to the the various BPEL activities and writing it out to a pdf whilst also generating a graphical representation of the BPEL that frequently does not fit into the document correctly.

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JAXB 2.1 dependancy

Would there by an option to lift specific JAXB 2.1 version dependancy ? Tried to install this plugin onto OpenESB 2.2 kit (netbeans 6.7.1) and got error that this plugin requires specific JAXB version installed

Thanks !
Posted by mm-nb on Apr 21, 2010