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Netbeans Plugin for the Fantom language
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NetBeans Plugin - Fan
Plugin owner: t_colar
Added: 2009-08-15
License: Artistic License 2
Category: Programming Languages
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See Current version is for Netbeans 7.0

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7.0 verification PASSED See verification details


Plugin for the Fantom language
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It supports among other features:
- Syntax highlighting of Fantom projects,
- Running Fantom shell,
- Running / building Fan PODs,
- Debugging(breakpoints) of Fantom/Java code.
- Completion of Fantom code

and more.

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User Comments


Netbeans 6.8 for Fantom

Please add Fan(tom) support for Netbeans 6.8. Maybe you could make a GUI builder for FWT using the Visual Library api. See a tutorial for how to use it at .
Posted by bklass on Dec 22, 2009