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Sun Grid Engine Plug-ins enables you to develop and deploy HPC applications from within the IDE. Hence, it provides a unique integrated environment for managing your HPC applications. This plug-ins provides a new project category called GridEngine. It also provide the capability to build and submit the binaries for execution on the available computing resources. Once you submit the jobs, as they are referred to within Sun Grid Engine, you can monitor the jobs. After successful completion, you can review or download the job results as required.You can also create, manage, and submit projects of category other than GridEngine for execution through the Sun Grid Engine cluster. To do this, you have to follow a few manual steps, as described in the section Managing Non-GridEngine Projects in Download Sun Grid Engine from Now it is Univa Grid Engine at

Plugin owner: gayatritripathi
Added: 2009-07-30
License: Technology Evaluation License
Category: Distributed Applications
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Signed the nbms. All nbms need to be installed together. They have dependency. Added license for drmaa nbm. Added warning message for setting the environment before usin the plugin. Updated it to be available for all Operating systems

Verifications for NetBeans versions

6.5 verification PENDING See verification details


This module provides access to the Sun Grid Engine. For USAGE refer to
  Sun HPC Software, Developer Edition 1.0 for OpenSolaris
For connectivity to the installed Sun Grid Engine, the user needs to set the shell as below:
This should be done in the shell before starting the netbeans with the installed SGE plugin
1. Download SGE from SGE Download
2. Source the to set SGE_ROOT in the user shell.
3. Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $SGE_ROOT/lib/`$SGE_ROOT/util/arch` for
Note: The Job templates in the Job tab are based on
Sun HPC Software, Developer Edition 1.0 for OpenSolaris

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Independent of Any OS now

It can be downloaded and installed in netbeans on any OS.
Posted by gayatritripathi on Nov 02, 2009

License and warning message

Added the warning message for setting the environment.

Added License for drmaa nbm.
Posted by gayatritripathi on Oct 30, 2009


All nbms should be installed together. They have dependency.
Posted by gayatritripathi on Sep 08, 2009