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ICEfaces is a leading open source Ajax framework for Java EE. The ICEfaces Project Integration for NetBeans 6.7 provides the ICEfaces framework as an extension of the JSF Frameworks for use in NetBeans Web Projects. Supported Features: Create a new ICEfaces Web project (JSF or Facelets).

NetBeans Plugin - ICEfaces (Ajax for Java EE) for NetBeans 6.7
Plugin owner: kfyten
Added: 2009-07-17
License: ICEsoft Community License
Category: Web Applications
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What's new in this version

  • Bundled with ICEfaces v1.8.2
  • Bundled with Sun JSF RI v1.2_13

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification



The ICEfaces NetBeans Integration provides ICEfaces support for developers who use the NetBeans IDE for ICEfaces application development. This integration is intended for use with NetBeans 6.7.

 This integration release includes:

  1. ICEfaces Project Integration module 3.6.3

  2. ICEfaces Run-Time Library module 1.8.2

Changes in this release (v3.6.3)

  • Resolved issue that JSF 1.2_13 library name conflict
  • Bundled with ICEfaces v1.8.2
  • Bundled with Sun JSF RI v1.2_13

Changes in v3.6.1

  • Support Netbeans v6.7
  • Add ICEfaces Facelets template
  • Autocomplete with jsp, jsp document page (jspx), xhtml.
  • Palette supports for jspx extension JSP Document Pages
  • Generate dataTable from Entity Bean (EJB 3.0)
  • Compatible with facelets module

Known Issues

  • Netbeans VWP (Visual Web Project) visual designer is not supported. NetBeans v6.5.1 is recommended to any users who would like to use ICEfaces Visual Web Project (VWP) integration
  • Maven project required manual configuration
  • No validation against none jsf project
  • Generate dataTable only from Entity Bean (EJB 3.0)
  • SeeICE-4349 for more details


About ICEfaces

ICEfaces delivers extensions to Java ServerFaces (JSF) that provide an AJAX-enabled rich presentation environment for JSF applications. ICEfaces brings value to any Java EE development project that needs to provide superior presentation capabilities to the web application user. In particular, ICEfaces provides the following features:

  • Smooth, incremental page updates that do not require a full page refresh to achieve presentation changes in the application.
  • Server-initiated asynchronous presentation updates for dynamic instantaneous data push.
  • The ICEfaces Component Suite, a complete rich JSF component suite that fully leverages ICEfaces capabilities.
  • Intelligent form processing that facilitates fine-grained interactions with the user as they manipulate a form.
  • API support for rapid development of group-aware and collaborative applications, such as Chat, Webcast, social apps., etc.
  • JSP or Facelets based development.
  • Tool integrations for leading Java IDEs.
  • Support for leading Java EE frameworks, such as Spring and JBoss Seam.
  • Support for portlet development.

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User Comments


visual designer, again

So, will the visual Icefaces designer and NB ever come together again after NB 6.5? And, can somebody shed light on why such a wonderful feature suddenly dropped out of sight? It doesn't make sense!
Posted by mohsenmadi on Sep 13, 2009

Has a Visual Designer in Eclipse..

The plugin works a bit better in Eclipse since a visual designer is supported there.
Posted by gcristof on Sep 05, 2009

A little bit poor for the Woodstock successor

"Netbeans VWP (Visual Web Project) visual designer is not supported." This bug persists for months. I think this is quite poor for the designated successor for the Woodstock components.
Posted by jiai on Aug 18, 2009