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Interested in developing Android applications in the NetBeans IDE? This plugin provides support for Android applications development cycle.

NetBeans Plugin - NBAndroid
Plugin owner: rkubacki
Added: 2009-07-07
License: Apache 2.0
Category: Mobile Applications
Downloaded: 399,351 times
 4.32, by 8 users

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NBAndroid provides support for of Android applications development cycle. Its functionality covers various aspects of Android development:
  • Core Android SDK support.
  • Project support - works with Android SDK projects. Edit, build, and run or debug cycle is supported using emulators or real devices.
  • LogCat viewer integrated into IDE is crucial when tracing what's going on while your code is running on device.
  • Improved editors for Android XML files.
  • GUI layout preview. This is initial version aiming to give you possibility to design UI more quickly in the IDE without turnaround to redeploy the application to check every change.
  • NBAndroid Extensions - set of productivity enhancements provided as paid service to support the plugin development.
  • Support for Android projects using new Gradle build system with NBAndroid Extensions.

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User Comments


New project location

WARNING: the old web site is now a scam site.

New development happens in:
Posted by netmackan on Nov 18, 2018

Desperados !!!

Non only don't have upgrade the plug-in,
but today have discovered that the web site was definitly shutdowned.


The Author advice that a copy of plug-in is posted in github (NBANDROID-V2) but
this is not the same version.

I Use Netbeans IDE 8.1 with nbandroid 8.0 upgraded to 8.1.

This is a unique framework, the only possible if you want continue to use Apache ANT (and you hate GRADLE).

The worst is I had configured automatically update for that plug-in, so now I don't have more the old plug-in and don't exist any place in Internet where is possible download it.

So now all my development environment is broken and definitly unusefull !

I think al this is crazy, how is possible to shutdown a server with inside components of development environment that in the past times thousand people have used ? Thousand of products build with this plugins are ALIVE!

OK I agree, the product is dead, but you can freeze the release and publish it in some servers, but why don't permit the access more?

Posted by az2012 on Apr 17, 2018

Caido el Link de descarga de plugin

Su ayuda no puedo descargar el plugin de Android para netbean esta caido
Posted by jorgearmi20 on Jan 03, 2018

netbean android connect mysql direct

How to netbean android connect mysql without php json.

Error:The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago.The driver has not received any packets from the server.
Posted by den2560 on Nov 01, 2017

Upgraded to NetBeans 8.1

If you wanna see the last version of NBAndroid, please visite the site showed on the side details.

Sí quieres ver la última versión de NBAndroid, por favor visita el sitio Web mostrado en los detalles laterales.
Posted by rro4785 on Feb 14, 2017

NetBeans is the premier Android IDE - when nbAndroid is updated.

I hear a lot of talk about Android Studio being the best IDE for Android development. It does have some nice features.

But it cannot compare to NetBeans with nbAndroid. NetBeans/nbAndroid is stable, very robust, and loaded with big and small features that separate it from other Android IDEs. Use it for a while and see for yourself.

So, please keep nbAndroid updated along with NetBeans. It is the best tool of its type available.
Posted by kurtrisser on Jan 20, 2017


I think Netbeans is the betters tools to programming and understand Android, but nbandroid MUST BE UPGRATED! As example, now is impossible deploy google maps with the new Android SDK (25 and on)

I forgot , I hate gradle and love ant so NbAndroid for Netbeans 8,0 was perfect for this!

Please upgrade it! Soon!
Posted by az2012 on Jan 19, 2017

netbeans 8.1

please android for netbeans 8.1
Posted by prandana on Nov 17, 2016


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Posted by HunterJonson on Nov 26, 2015

How To Install Android Package on Netbeans

Try below for installation
Posted by daralgeldi on Nov 24, 2014

Re: Log cat

I do know the plug in has the filtering button on the logcat window. but the option for filtering is poor.
I means that I want to see just info from my app when I print out it with system.out.print or when I dump the stack with the er.printstacktrace
With the Logcat of eclipse I could filter by application name.
but go to netbean, I didn't see that options.
I hate the eclipse way to read code, and it run slow too.
I love the netbean way, it looks smarter. (thought it takes alot of time to run android app).
The support for xml still poor. wish it could support xml layout like eclipse does.(link between resource name and xml element)
Posted by harunaga on May 20, 2013

Re: Log cat

To harunaga: obviously there is possibility to filter logcat messages. Use top button from the button bar on the left side of logcat window to create a filter.
Posted by rkubacki on May 03, 2013

Log cat

Log cat has no option for filtering out put info from my app.
So I get a lot of redundant info. or what I should do to just see the out put from my app from sdt out and std err ???
Posted by harunaga on May 03, 2013

support for ndk

Hi. I prefer use netbeans than eclipse due to the delay of eclipse. but this plug in seems to not support ndk. I can not see the folder jni in the project view.
The support for xml still poor. the plug in didn't give the feeling like the feeling of using android in eclipse.
But I still like reading code in netbeans.
Posted by harunaga on Apr 26, 2013

re: Supported android SDK version

Recent Android SDKs are supported. There is sometimes a short delay but at the moment the current one works properly (r16 IIRC).

As for the downloads: the latter one with the timestamp is newer. It's better to use AUC.
Posted by rkubacki on Jan 27, 2012

Supported android SDK version

Anybody knows supported android version for kenai ?
(in other words, what are the andorid sdk version kenai can handle)

Which one is latest ?
Posted by jaisondaniel on Aug 16, 2011