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Plugin which provides a means of editing and using the relaxNg schema (both compact and full xml syntax) to validate your xml files. Plus XSL Transformations using Saxon (XSL v2)

NetBeans Plugin - RelaxNg schema validation module
Plugin owner: richard_woodward
Added: 2009-06-19
Category: Utilities
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SHOULD HAVE NO MORE DEPENDENCY PROBLEMS Works with NetBeans 6.9, 6.9.1 (should work with previous versions aswell). Recoded the saxon support module, so it is not dependent on the non public XSL api's of NetBeans (small problem to be corrected soon with NB 7.0 beta - Saxon already used in new HTML support)

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The relaxNg schmea plugin was designed and created to be used with the student engineers at Eseo, école d’ingénieurs. Who as part of their training learn how to use the relaxNg schema to validate xml files. The plugin does not as yet integrate into the standard netbeans validation process - hopefully in the next version if I have more time, however right clicking on a relaxNg schema in a project provides via the popup menu the ability to validate all the xml files available in the same directory. This plugin provides the following functions:
  • RelaxNg schema can be written in both compact and xml syntax.
  • Syntax highlighting for compact schema (netbeans by default highlights xml)
  • Checks well-formedness of xml
  • Validates RelaxNg schema and ALL xml files in the same directory
  • Create a specific RelaxNg schema project, or use relaxNg schmea in different project type (for example in a Java project).
  • hyper linking and error highlighting - click on the error message to go directly to the reported line.
  • Example filmography projects (based on Course notes by Olivier Beaudoux Enseignant/Chercheur at Eseo) for both the compact and full syntax.
The plugin uses the jing library for the validation. The jing library is copyright (c) 2001-2003, 2008 Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd. The Copying conditions have been respected, and no code has been changed in the source.

R. WOODWARD juin 2009

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User Comments


Module dependency errors preventing installation

Under Netbeans 6.8 plugin installation requests installation of XML Support and XSL Support plugins. However searching for these in the plugins panel did not reveal where to get them. Couldn't install these modules.
Posted by brutzman on Feb 27, 2010

re. Encounter dependency errors on installation phase.

Due to the inclusion of the Saxon transformation, I needed to use the XSL and XML support. These are not modules that can be used like other modules.

Which version of Netbeans are you using?

If you are using Netbeans 6.7.1 then you need to use the RelaxNg File Support (Netbeans 6.7.1).nbm module

If you are using Netbeans 6.7 then you need to use the RelaxNg File Support (Netbeans 6.7).nbm module.

If it still does not work, leave a comment to say exactly which version of netbeans you are using from the help about dialog (product version) and I will check these dependency issues.

The versions tested with are 6.7.1 (Build 200907230233) and 6.7 (Build 200906241340)
Posted by richard_woodward on Nov 12, 2009

Encounter dependency errors on installation phase.

I tried to install this online(select directly in the available tab in the Plugin Manager), and encountered the following errors.

Some plugins require plugin XML Support to be installed.
The plugin XML Support is requested in implementation version 200906241340. The following plugin is affected:       RelaxNg File Support (Netbeans 6.7)
Some plugins require plugin XSL Support to be installed.
The plugin XSL Support is requested in implementation version 200906241340. The following plugin is affected:       RelaxNg File Support (Netbeans 6.7)
Posted by hantsy on Nov 03, 2009