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OctaveNB is a plugin for NetBeans IDE which adds support for GNU Octave numerical computations tool.

NetBeans Plugin - OctaveNB
Plugin owner: martin_t
Website: https://java.net/projects/octavenb
Added: 2009-05-21
License: GNU General Public License (GPL v. 2.0)
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 3,199 times
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  • ".m"-file support / octave projects.
  • language-support:
    • syntax-highlighting
    • code-folding
    • auto indentation
    • auto format
  • running ".m"-scripts / calling functions from within the NetBeans IDE
  • command line window with command history

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User Comments


some problems

Wasn't useful for me as syntax checking is imperfect. Does not recognize the magic index 'end'. Accepts '1.0 / 2' but not '1. / 2'. Gets confused by escaped quotes in quoted strings.
Posted by slovelace on Oct 01, 2013