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Plugin owner: kubek2k
Added: 2009-04-07
License: LGPL
Category: Editing
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This plugin lets you submit selected code to the service. It will sense the mime-type of the code selected, and will provide with the url dialog. I'm working on the support, so stay tuned (I know that making support for another pastebin options doesn't make sense, but this one is exceptional [it gives you git repo for every paste you do]).

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User Comments


exception on use

I get the following exception when I select "Paste into pastebin" (code wouldn't paste here)

Also, is there a way to specify the paste to be private or will that be available once "open url" is selected?
Posted by nadakidd on May 27, 2009

good point

@nadakidd I''ve updated the page
Posted by kubek2k on Apr 10, 2009

How do I use the plugin?

It installed fine, but I don't see anything in the main or context menus to activate/trigger its use. Please explain. Thanks.
Posted by nadakidd on Apr 08, 2009