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This converter obtains basic information from the Visual Studio vcproj files and creates the corespondents NetBeans xml project files. After the conversion, a NetBeans project folder is created containing all the source and header files of the original Visual C project. It is useful for simple C projects developed by programming students who wants to migrate their work to NetBeans. This converter does not check the C code from the Visual Studio project, so after the conversion the programmer might have to do some changes to his code to match the compiler requirements. Importador o conversor de Proyectos de Visual Studio a NetBeans, utilizado inicialmente para migrar proyectos simples en C, desarrollado para estudiantes que deseen migrar sus trabajos a NetBeans. Para obtener más información, visite la página del autor

NetBeans Plugin - VC2Netbeans
Plugin owner: cmsoft
Added: 2009-03-28
License: GPL v3
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This a project developed by undergraduate students from the ESPOL ( Free Software Community (KOKOA aiming to motivate more of our students to use a free software IDE for their C college projects.

Este es un proyecto desarrollado por estudiantes de la ESPOL ( Comunidad de Software Libre (KOKOA con el objetivo de motivar a mas de nuestros estudiantes a utilizar un software libre IDE para sus proyectos de C universidad.

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I believe this plugin requires updating and/or bug-fixing. I attempted to install this plugin in a fresh install of NetBeans 7.1 on Linux Mint 13 and it caused the IDE to hang on start-up.
Posted by ProjectOrc on Oct 11, 2012