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Diamond Powder Schema Generator plugin for NetBeans.

NetBeans Plugin - Diamond Powder
Plugin owner: wsantos
Website: http://netfeijao.blogspot.com/
Added: 2009-03-23
License: CDDL
Category: Mobile Applications
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Diamond Powder is an open source Java ME framework that speeds up the creation of data collectors inside MIDP applications. By data collector we understand a software component, that helps the user to quickly take note of informations, and also manages the storage of such information. In order to describe a data collector (forms, fields, help messages) Diamond Powder uses a simple and straightforward user interface definition format, based on key-value pairs, that resembles LCDUI API. A data collector user interface definition can be stored inside the device or delivered at runtime. The central point of Diamond Powder is that a collector definition is parsed at runtime and rendered as a sequence of LCDUI forms to allow user input. At the end of user interaction Diamond Powder is able to store gathered data, and to deliver it to another MIDP application layer (validation, network, ...). It is compatible with CLCD-1.0/MIDP-1.0, and fits for NetBeans Mobility Pack.

This plugin creates a schema file. Please visit https://diamond-powder.dev.java.net/ for more details about the framework

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