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This PlugIn simplifies the add on of images to a project. Now, in Netbeans 7.x it's the navigator also work

NetBeans Plugin - GetImage
Plugin owner: christian255
Added: 2009-02-20
License: freeware
Category: Editing
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In Nezbeans 6.x the navigigator dosen't work. In Netbeans 7.x the navigator works again. There no Changes...

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If you want to add an image to a project, you have to load a programm, search the folder for a certain image and copy this image into the projectfolder. This PlugIn makes it possible to implement the operation within the netbeans ide. There can be specified a sourcefolder and a destinationfolder (usually the folder containing the images for the project). The PlugIn searches the sourcefolder and shows the found images. The desired images can be choosen and copied to the destinationfolder. Languages EN (default) and DE

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