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Provides editor support for *.proto files (message format description files), with syntax coloring, tree navigation through the code, error markers on the lines where the error is found, and context-aware code completion.

NetBeans Plugin - Protocol Buffers Netbeans Plugin
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Added: 2009-02-03
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Protocol buffers ("protobuf") is a technology by Google that has similar goals to XML: a data interchange format that is hierarchical and independent of the platform and developer's environment. The problem with XML is that it is very slow in parsing and that it is space ineffective. There is no such drawback in protobuf, because of its binary format.

To use protobuf, you have to write a description of a message, in a simple but special language, and then use the "protoc" (protobuf compiler) program to generate serialize, deserialize and transport classes for Java, C++ and Python. There are also "unofficial" (not provided by Google) generators to other languages.

You can also generate an RPC service, based on the message format you created. That's a very effective alternative to Web Services.

This plugin makes Netbeans IDE ready to support developer in using protobuf.

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