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Project sample that provides a user interface on top of the NetBeans Schema2Beans utility. Schema2Beans is a NetBeans tool for generating JavaBeans from Schemas or DTDs. This is useful for traversing the content of Schemas or DTDs in the context of the XML MultiView API. This plugin provides a user interface on top of Schema2Beans. It installs a new template in the New project wizard, in the NetBeans Plug-in Module category. Complete the wizard and you'll have a module. Install the module or, since you're a NetBeans developer, look at the sources. After installing, right-click a Schema node or DTD node, or right click in such documents in the editor, and choose "Generate Schema2Beans". Complete the wizard and you'll have your JavaBeans.

NetBeans Plugin - Schema2BeansGeneratorTemplate
Plugin owner: Geertjan
Added: 2007-04-19
License: Free
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Fixed some bugs. Added tooltips on checkboxes so you can see which S2B parameters relate to which checkboxes. Removed one checkbox that caused problems.

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