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Generates SVG Files from BPEL 2.0 files

NetBeans Plugin - BPEL2 SVG Generator
Plugin owner: dante
Website: http://blogs.sun.com/toxophily/entry/open_esb_tip_generating_svg
Added: 2008-10-17
License: GPL
Category: Enterprise Applications
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What's new in this version

Extended functionality to layout scope correctly and provide the ability to switch between Vertical and Horizontal Layouts. In addition the option screen has been expanded to provide more customization option.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

6.1 verification PENDING See verification details


Adds an extra context menu to BPEL files that allows the generation of SVG files that represent the BPEL File. You will need the example BPEL2SVGIcons project located at BPEL 2 SVG Generator

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