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Adds Coco/R support to the NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans Plugin - Coco/R Plugin for NetBeans
Plugin owner: franzrechberger
Added: 2008-10-13
License: GPL V2
Category: Programming Languages
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What's new in this version

Should now run on Mac OS X and Unix systems also. But this was not really tested. Support for Coco version from Nov 1, 2008. Print support for .atg files added.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


This plugin enables NetBeans to deal with Coco/R files. The following features are provided:
- Syntax highlighting for .atg files.
- Customizable color settings for syntax highlighting.
- Automatic Coco/R compilation support for NetBeans.
- New generated .atg files are recognized and standard frame files (parser.frame, scanner.frame) are added automatically, if there are no self provided files.
- Automatic refactoring if .atg files are deleted, moved or copied.
- In the case of an error in an .atg file, a link to the erroneous position is placed in the output window.
The source code was added to The project name is Coco/R Plugin for NetBeans. The projects URL is

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