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This is a workflow designer.

Plugin owner: nychen2000
Added: 2008-10-09
License: LGPL
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This is a workflow designer, you can design workflow process and then simulate it in the designer.

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to ijazfx

Hi ijazfx,Thank you for your comments, the english version guide will be supplied soon.

by the way , the content of the design-pattern "rar" file is a Netbeans java project, you can open the project use netbeans ide ,and then the .xml file will be opened in the Workflow designer( you must install the designer plugin first).
Posted by nychen2000 on Oct 10, 2008

How to use the plugin?

I am curious about the workflow designer. There are two issues:

  • All the documentation is not available in English so it's extremely difficult to understand the plugin

  • The design pattern "rar" file contains .xml files which are not visible in the project structure.

If you could provide an english version of a step-by-step guide of your plugin, it would be quite helpful.

Posted by ijazfx on Oct 09, 2008