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The Chart FX for Java Designer is a stand-alone chart template generator. Using this tool, you can create XML files containing all the visual attributes you desire for your chart. Once you have configured these settings in a familiar design-time environment, you can simply import the template from within your chart in order to apply the template. The Chart FX 7 for Java NetBeans plugin makes it easy for the developer to style and modify the charts visually all within the same development environment.

NetBeans Plugin - Chart FX 7 For Java Designer Plugin
Plugin owner: ttezak
Added: 2008-08-19
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For over a decade, Chart FX technology has been deployed with many commercial-grade applications and Chart FX for Java continues this tradition with rich functionality that takes full advantage of the Java platform.
In this new version of Chart FX, we add a new DHTML rendering engine that uses the Ajax web development technique to produce chart images that allow full interactivity and support state in web applications. This automatically updates the chart with the new data without a complete page refresh, only updating the portion of the chart that changed. The charts are fully secure as there are no binary files to download. This allows end users to interact with charts in any browser on any platform, making your application available to a wider audience.
Chart FX provides developers advanced charting features with minimal integration effort. Helpful tools like the Netbeans plugin, a vast collection of samples and a Programmer's Guide will assist you in creating visually impressive data visualization solutions with little time invested.

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