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Syntax Highlighting, Brace Matching, Brace Completion, Code Folding for NW Script

Plugin owner: syrusgreycloak
Added: 2008-08-08
License: GPL
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NW Script is the scripting language for the Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 video games. It is a C-like language, using the C language syntax. This module provides some syntax highlighting, brace matching, brace completion, and code folding. It does populate the navigator, but as the C syntax is not entirely compatible with GLF (as far as I understand it), the system cannot distinguish functions from variables, or at least I was unable to get it to do so. Support for compilation from within the IDE has been added, but is not working currently. I will update when able. Anyone wanting the code can email me at kpnickel@uncc.edu.

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