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Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Added: 2007-04-15
License: CDDL
Category: Utilities
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What's new in this version

Bug Fixes: - When multiple keybindings invoke the same action show each of them on a separate row, - Use regular expression based search in Actions column only.

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A table view showing the currently active key bindings. It can also generate HTML and XML output files.

The text field over first column lets you search for a keybinding by simply typing it. This includes multi keysequence bindings.

The text field over second column lets you search for a keybinding by simply typing the keys without any modifiers. This includes multi keysequence bindings. This way you can search what actions are bound to other modifiers in combination with a given key. Good tool to discover if the modifiers are being applied consistently.

The text field over third column lets you search for a keybindings by action name.

The fourth column displays the context or editor kit in which the keybinding applies.

There are actions on the toolbar to generate html and xml file of all the keybindings. The xml file + some xslt processing could be used to generate PDF etc.


  • Cleaned up module dependencies.
  • Removed Major release version number from the project properties as this module does not expose any public APIs.
  • Made the sorting of Actions column case insensitive.
  • The action search is treated as a regexp search with implicit .* appended except when the prefix ends with $. Use of any uppercase letter in prefix makes the regexp case sensitive.
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Sources can be found here:
Posted by ajasja on Dec 18, 2007


I would like to look at the source for this plugin. I would like to create a plugin that exports/imports keybindings, and it looks like this plugin would be a great example for me to follow.

I can see this plugin is licensed as CDDL, therefore, if I am not mistaken it means it is open source.

Can I be pointed out to the source?

Posted by dheffelfinger on Nov 30, 2007