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This project will create a software projects management tool based on the NetBeans platform using a client/server architecture and a database to support use by the developers on a team as well as their manager. It will support task definition, resource management and project status reporting.

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Plugin owner: adourado
Website: http://nbproject.dev.java.net
Added: 2008-08-04
License: GPLV2
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The Main Idea The main idea of this project is to create a software projects management tool to manage software project based on the netbeans platform, so that it can manage projects with more efficiency and effectiveness. It is going to allow having a bigger control over the tasks, the attribution of the tasks, the resources, course of the activities, and other important information of the project. The NB project will function like a client / server and its information will be stored and manipulated in a database defined and created by this tool. So, the resources will inform the progress of the task and they will be followed and adjusted in time of the execution of the project by the manager. With the NB project you will be able to: * Create and configure (shape) the database. ( driver db, user , password) * Create and maintain the information of the project. (name, organization, weblink description) * Create and maintain the information of the manager and its resources. ( name, phone, mail, role) * Create all the necessary tasks for the execution of each project and define the task that will be performed by each resource. (name, duration, progress, priority, begin date , end date, milestone, predecessors, resources, details.) * Keep up with the tasks knowing the progress of each task that has been carried out. * This resource will inform the progress of its task. * Gantt Diagram * Information of the user and the collaborators (contributor) of each task. * Popup reminders about deadlines, expiry dates;

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