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Speech Recognizer for NetBeans Actions. Once the microphone is on, just say 'monoh help' for the list of available actions. For example, saying 'monoh open project' it will start the open project dialog, without using the mouse or the keyboard.

NetBeans Plugin - MONOH
Plugin owner: hlavalle
Added: 2008-08-03
License: GPLV2
Category: Utilities
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Speech Recognizer for Netbeans Actions

MONOH will recognize your voice as actions inside the NetBeans IDE, just say it to your NetBeans, the action will be fired instantly. The goal of the project is make a more enjoyable NetBeans IDE, it will not replace your typed shortcuts, they still there, just type or speak, actually even you don't remember a specific action/shortcut you can just say "monoh help" and a window is showed with all possible actions.


  • NetBeans IDE 6.1 or later, make sure your version is up to date
  • JDK 5 or later
  • A microphone

How to install

  • Download latest nbm from
  • Click on Tools > Plugins
  • At the Downloaded tab, click on 'Add Plugins...' button
  • Browse to the monoh nbm file downloaded
  • The plugin description will appear at the rigth side of the window
  • Make sure the install check box is on
  • Click on the install button

How to uninstall

  • Click on Tools > Plugins
  • At the 'Installed' tab, find the Monoh plugin and check it
  • Click on Uninstall button and follow the instructions

How to use

To make netbeans hear and execute your voice commands, you have to turn on the monoh plugin. Some classes related to your microphone will be initialized and a thread will be started to hear your voice commands.

You can do this clicking on Tools > Monoh. The message "MONOH is loaded, you can speak now." shall appear on the status bar.

A microphone button image shall appear on the toolbar. If the button is green, monoh is ready to listen to you. If it is red, it is turned off. Clicking on this button will turn on/off the microphone.

To execute actions on the IDE with voice commands, you have to say the word 'monoh' plus the desired action. The actions available are:
  • Actions for editing
    • copy
    • cut
    • delete
    • paste
    • replace
  • Actions for refactoring
    • encapsulate fields
    • extract interface
    • extract super class
    • move
    • pull up
    • push down
    • rename
    • use super type
  • Actions for debugging
    • add breakpoint
    • add watch
    • continue
    • run to cursor
    • step into
    • step out
    • step over
  • Actions for files
    • find
    • file search
    • new file
    • open file
    • print
    • save
  • Actions for projects
    • build
    • debug
    • new project
    • open project
    • run
    • test
  • General actions
    • help
    • redo
    • undo
For example, to execute the open project dialog, you have to say '"monoh open project". Say ''monoh'" exactly like the word mono in english. A message on the status bar will show you if the command was understood or not. If it's not clear enough, the command will not be understood, or worst, monoh will understand a different action. In the case the action not understood, you have to say again. In the case of execute a diferent action, you may say '"monoh undo'" and try again.

TIP: As a general rule, donĀ“t speak to close to microphone.

NOTE: this is a project on very early stages and the voice recognition process is something not usual, for now only american english is supported and you have to speak with a good pronunciation. We intend to improve it.

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This is fun, although not recommended in an office environment, I don't know whether it will catch on. ;)
Switching focus between windows might be a useful feature too (Files/Projects/Editor/Output/prev+next tab/Properties/Navigator).
Can you make the keyword configurable? (So we can choose what we say instead of "monoh"?)
Posted by rkusterer on Nov 27, 2008