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Plugin owner: markbrundege
Added: 2008-07-28
License: GPL or CDDL
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This module provides some functions to make it easier to create and edit SolBook XML documents. SolBook XML is used by Sun Microsystems for most of its product documentation. You may find this module useful if you need to create or update Sun product documentation such as the documents available on SolBook is a subset of DocBook XML, and this module contains some transforms for converting SolBook XML into DocBook XML. In addition, this module contains built in transforms for exporting SolBook XML as 2 different styles of HTML, and for splitting and combining chapter entities in books. Some starting templates for various types of SolBook XML documents are also provided. A SolBookXML Helpset can be accessed from the Help menu item once the plugin is installed which explains how to use the features in detail. More functionality for SolBook editing may be added to this module in the future. REQUIRES JAVA 1.6

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