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ICEfaces is a leading open source Ajax framework for Java EE. The ICEfaces Project Integration for NetBeans 6.5 provides the ICEfaces framework as an extension of the JSF Frameworks for use in NetBeans Web Projects. Supported Features: Create a new ICEfaces Web project (with new Facelets Framework support), Create a new Visual Web ICEfaces project, Add the Visual Web ICEfaces Framework to an existing Woodstock Visual Web Project. Note: This feature provides support for working with both Woodstock and ICEfaces pages in the same project to facilitate easier migration from Woodstock to ICEfaces. In each case the integration will configure the required libraries and configuration files, change the project deployment descriptor, and configure the IDE so you are ready for development.

NetBeans Plugin - ICEfaces (Ajax for Java EE) for NetBeans 6.5.1
Plugin owner: kfyten
Added: 2008-07-24
License: ICEsoft Community License
Category: Web Applications
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What's new in this version

Updated to ICEfaces-1.8.2. Support for NetBeans 6.5.1, Support for editing Woodstock and ICEfaces pages within the same Visual Web project, Numerous bug fixes.

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The ICEfaces NetBeans Integration provides ICEfaces support for developers who use the NetBeans IDE for ICEfaces application development. This integration is intended for use with NetBeans 6.5.1.

 This integration release includes:

  1. ICEfaces Project Integration module  3.5.1

  2. ICEfaces Run-Time Library module

  3. Visual Web ICEfaces module 3.5.1

Changes in this release (v3.5.1)

  • ICEfaces Library module updated to ICEfaces 1.8.2 release

Changes in this release (v3.5.0.5)

  • ICEfaces Library module updated to ICEfaces 1.8.1 release.
  • New "Bind to ..." context menuitem added to dataTable for JPA, Entity Beans and POJO .

Known Issues

  • The Visual Designer may sometimes fail to re-paint after the state of a component has changed. Forcing a refresh using the "Refresh" menuitem on the context-menu is a work-around for this issue.
  • When adding new components to the Visual Designer the Outline View may become corrupted. To correct this click the design view panel itself (not on any components) - this will rebuild the Outline View.
  • The ice:tree component does not support defining it's tree model structure  using the Visual Designer. It will, however, render an associated tree model in the Visual Designer if one is configured (the tree model must be provided by the application code).
  • Using ice:panelBorder with nested containers may cause the Visual Designer to become corrupted. Saving the page and then closing and re-opening the page will generally restore the Visual Designer.
  • The ice:menuBar has styling and positioning issues in the Visual Designer. It is possible to define a menu structure using the Visual Designer, however, the menu will not be rendered accurately at design time.
  • See ICE-3581 for more details.


About ICEfaces

ICEfaces delivers extensions to Java ServerFaces (JSF) that provide an AJAX-enabled rich presentation environment for JSF applications. ICEfaces brings value to any Java EE development project that needs to provide superior presentation capabilities to the web application user. In particular, ICEfaces provides the following features:

  • Smooth, incremental page updates that do not require a full page refresh to achieve presentation changes in the application.
  • Server-initiated asynchronous presentation updates for dynamic instantaneous data push.
  • The ICEfaces Component Suite, a complete rich JSF component suite that fully leverages ICEfaces capabilities.
  • Intelligent form processing that facilitates fine-grained interactions with the user as they manipulate a form.
  • API support for rapid development of group-aware and collaborative applications, such as Chat, Webcast, social apps., etc.
  • JSP or Facelets based development.
  • Tool integrations for leading Java IDEs.
  • Support for leading Java EE frameworks, such as Spring and JBoss Seam.
  • Support for portlet development.

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User Comments


Source code?

is it possible to have the source code in order for us to contribute to it? thanx
Posted by gasdia73 on Jul 10, 2009

ICE FACE(by nimesha chinthaka)

i think its very good AJAX Framework.
if you have tutorials plaese give me.(
Posted by nimcode on Jun 27, 2009

Great plugin

When will it be available for update?
There is already 1.8.0 stable and final ;) for NB 6.5.1 available.
Posted by msdobrescu on Apr 03, 2009

Very nice plugin

Very nice plugin
Posted by leodouglas on Jan 21, 2009

Very nice plugin

If you are an ICEfaces user, this is a must have. We use ICEfaces in many projects at work and this makes development much easier
Posted by ptoker on Oct 23, 2008

Nice Components Needs JSF 1.2 Support

The components and palette are very nice, but need to have JSF 1.2 support. The visual design time is functional, but does not have the same level of polish as Visual JSF (Woodstock). There are some compatibility issues around JSF 1.2 that should be handled by the IDE based on rules for ICEFaces. For example, I should not need to manually update the faces-config.xml and web.xml files. This should be handled for me.
Posted by jyeary on Oct 21, 2008

very good

including JSF "Visual Designer" for the ICEfaces Components Suite....
Posted by leodouglas on Aug 26, 2008

its works nicely!

Hi, thanks for this plugins i was waiting so long. Its works perfect for me, nvarun maybe you have others problems with your JSP modules, maybe some other plugin?

Try test it in a clean copy of Netbeans 6.1.2
Posted by marioko on Jul 28, 2008

Too Buggy...

I am not able to create a Visual Web ICEfaces Application, as by default Page1.jsp should be created, its visual designer shows error and JSP content is null, also there are errors in dependencies as well.

Please fix it, I am hoping for better integration.
Posted by nvarun on Jul 27, 2008

Thank God!

Thanks for coming up with this plugin, I wanted to use it for a Web Application, esp. your first tutorial which was based on CRUD application using NetBeans 6.0.1!

I will surely use it and give feedback!
Posted by nvarun on Jul 26, 2008