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Lets you take a snapshot from within NetBeans

NetBeans Plugin - Snap It
Plugin owner: nvarun
Added: 2008-06-24
License: CDDL-1.0
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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This module enables you to take a screenshot of what's visible in your system's resolution. Currently, not depended on the resolution of NetBeans IDE. That's what going to be the upcoming feature! Steps to follow-
  1. Tools > Capture...
  2. Click on Browse and locate the directory, where you want to store.
  3. Enter filename, don't mention extenstion, its PNG by default
  4. Tick the Save Folder checkbox (to preserve the location for next browsing), enter delay time >= 5, its in seconds.
  5. Click Capture, make your IDE look anyway you want as in the image, within stipulated time.

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User Comments


Dear commentators


Thanks for the appreciation. We are glad that you liked it, are you sure there's Open button, as far as I remember there was no such label for the button we have, see this for the snapshot of the utility-


I think the Shortcut key that we have used works only on Windows and probably on Linux, no idea about OpenSolaris. So, I guess if we remove the Shortcut Key, then it might work on your system as well. Sorry, but I don't know how to deal with such key binding issues!
Posted by nvarun on Oct 28, 2008

Very useful indeed!

Ideal tool if you want to take a screenshot for example for an article, blog entry or when you want to show your co-worker how to do something. You do not need to wait for a graphics editor to open. You do not need to have any application of that kind at all :)
Screenshot is taken and saved automatically.

In my humble opinion it would be better to rename button "Open" to "Continue" or "Select".
"Open" is little misleading.

Really useful indeed, thanks!
Posted by staszekstyszynski on Oct 20, 2008

Still doesn't work on a MAC

I just tried hte plugin on my Mac. It doesn't work. When you click Tools > Capture, no browse dialog box opens.

Posted by jbranam on Jul 01, 2008