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Plugin owner: theskad
Added: 2008-06-04
License: no licence
Category: NetBeans Rich Client Platform
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Module is now signed.

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This module adds single action to Navigate menu: Select in System Browser.

Action opens parent directory of selected file in system browser using Java 6 desktop integration. Netbeans has to run in Java 6+ VM.

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User Comments


That's bit different...

... "Open is System", as far as I know, opens file in system editor. That's bit different.

For directories, both actions has same behavior. E.g. folder is opened in Windows Explorer on Windows platform.

For regular file "Open in System" action opens preferred application, while "Select in System Browser" opens selected file's parent folder and opens it in explorer -- to be precise java.awt.Desktop#browse(String) is called :)

I've build this plugin, because sometimes I wanted to open file not in default system editor, but in something else. Or drag and drop file into Lotus Notes email (*doh*)

Posted by theskad on Jun 11, 2008


Oh.. Thanks for the tip! =)

Hmm... In keymaps I found "Open in System" action in the Edit category... It also opens files in system editor... Hmm...
Posted by adie on Jun 11, 2008

Uff, might be hard

I this this might be a bit disturbing (adding it to "every" menu). I've bind it to SHIFT+CONTROL+4 on my PC at work. So now I have:
SHIFT+CONTROL+1Open in projects
SHIFT+CONTROL+2Open in files
SHIFT+CONTROL+4Open in system browser

Posted by theskad on Jun 10, 2008


Thank you so much! Very useful!
And I think that the same action should be in contextual menu for everything in Projects window.
Posted by adie on Jun 06, 2008
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