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This module controls the editable property of the text editors.

NetBeans Plugin - Readonly Editors Mode
Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Added: 2008-05-30
License: CDDL
Category: Editing
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This module controls the editable property of the text editors. The initial state of the editable property of text editor is controlled by the Tools:Options:Miscellaneous:Read Only Editors Mode:Open editors in read-only mode option. The user can toggle the read-only mode using the editor toolbar action (button with open/closed lock icon). The default key binding for the toggle action is CTRL+R. There is an escape hack to override the key binding by setting the system property to a string toggle-read-only="F1". The string value is parsed using javax.swing.KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(String). You can set the system property using the -J-Dtoggle-read-only="F1" command line option or by setting it in the .../etc/netbeans.conf.

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User Comments


Not compatible

It's not compatible with Netbeans IDE 6.9.1. The installer complains about Editor Library 2.10 being older than 1.25.
Posted by kAlvaro on Nov 10, 2010

RE: Can a read-only file be made editable?

The intent of this plug-in was only to make the editor read-only or not to prevent accidentally editing a file that was otherwise editable.
Posted by sandipchitale on Feb 24, 2009

Can a read-only file be made editable?

I read there is discussion and a bug filed for making a file writable by changing the read-only attribute on the file system. Is there a chance that this plugin can do that as well as changing a file to read only?
Posted by netsanjaybeans on Feb 24, 2009