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Brings JBoss RichFaces to NetBeans IDE 6.x.

NetBeans Plugin - RichFaces4NetBeans
Plugin owner: geertjan
Added: 2008-05-04
License: CDDL
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19 June 2008: Updated to preview 1, based on changes made to the libraries, by Wouter. Now the latest RichFaces libraries are supported. Also changed the screenshot below. 1 July 2008: Updated to preview 2, which now includes some JARs that were erroneously excluded in preview 1, which caused problems with that preview. 11 April 2009: Updated to version 2.0, containing support for 3.3.0 GA version of RichFaces

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RichFaces, which is a rich component library for JSF and an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities into business application development, is made available to NetBeans IDE 6.x via this plugin. Two NBM files are provided in the ZIP you download here. One of them puts all the RichFaces JARs in the Library Manager and the other extends the Frameworks panel in the Web Application wizard to let traditional web applications (i.e., not Visual Web applications) provide support out of the box for RichFaces.

First select the Java Server Faces item in the Frameworks panel, then select the RichFaces item. When that item is selected in the Frameworks panel, the JARs are put on the app's classpath, the web.xml is filled in with new entries, new content is put into the JSF welcome page, and a Bean is generated in a new package, registered in the faces-config.xml:

1239461464267_projects-window.pngSimply run the generated app and you immediately have a functioning Ajax app.

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User Comments


NetBeans IDE 7.3 supports RichFaces

Maybe you could just start up NetBeans IDE 7.3 where you'll find RichFaces support out of the box, no plugin needed.
Posted by geertjan on Mar 01, 2013

Any Plans to support NB 7.3

Maybe you could open source the plugin, so other people or groups could contribute :)
Posted by tomzi on Mar 01, 2013

are there any plans for the latest RF4 and NB7 support

thanks for the great plugin, do you have any plans on upgrading this for a richfaces 4/netbeans 7 combination? I tried to use this plugin and make my own, but don't really know enough about netbeans plugin development to get it to work. thanks
Posted by rfwalker on Sep 27, 2011

a problem

i have an error after running the project :


javax.servlet.ServletException: PWC1243: Filter execution threw an exception

root cause

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.ajax4jsf.Filter)

I need help please????????????????????
Posted by scoutiste on Jun 08, 2010

Official Jars from

Netbeans actes crazy with only the officiel jars but it seems that the bugs are fixed with the additional jars, thanks geertjan !! good job
Posted by soufiane on Apr 22, 2009

Visual editing and Facelets support

Great job. Hope the next versions have visual editing and facelets support, so I can quit Eclipse.
Posted by fkjaekel on Apr 14, 2009

Now updated to 3.3.0!

Now updated to 3.3.0! Have fun with it.
Posted by geertjan on Apr 11, 2009

v 3.3

Need update for v 3.3 . Thanks.
Posted by octavian09 on Apr 08, 2009

RichFaces 3.3

An update is required to support the new components from RichFaces 3.3.
Posted by fkjaekel on Mar 26, 2009