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XTT - Smart Web Clients for Java is a leading Swing-based, RAD development framework for building and deploying distributable, Rich, Ultra-thin, web applications.

NetBeans Plugin - XTT - Smart Web Clients for Java
Plugin owner: nbadmin
Website: http://www.insitechinc.com/
Added: 2005-07-18
License: commercial
Category: Graphical User Interface
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XTT is a leading standards-based Java environment for building and deploying smarter, richer, thinner, Swing-based Internet applications.

Architecturally, XTT plugs in the Java EE stack as the top two tiers of an n-tier application.

XTT brings together APIs and standards that allow the distribution of both Java objects and relational data to the client tier, providing automated data binding, and synchronization.

Ajax style asynchronous calls from the Java-based clients are just one small part of XTT's extremely large feature set. In addition, any Java APIs including 3rd party libraries and visual controls can be used.

Try the XTT StockTrader Demo and see for yourself the type of Rich Internet Application functionality that can be delivered using XTT: http://www.insitechinc.com/demo.php3

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