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C/C++ Call Graph (NB 6.0)

NetBeans Plugin - C/C++ Call Graph (NB 6.0)
Plugin owner: alexvsimon
Website: http://cnd.netbeans.org/
Added: 2008-01-22
License: CDDL-GPLv2-no-CP
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 3,080 times
 4.28, by 3 users

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C/C++ Call Graph for NB 6.0
Known problem: "Call Graph" item in popup menu is greyed on selection. Fixed in 6.1 version.

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User Comments


Very nice!

I like the feature very much! Thanks!
Could I have Callgraph pane persistent like Navigator and updatable once I select put caret at a function in a code?
Posted by nzero2002 on Jan 30, 2008

re: Plugin combination breaks the IDE

Please, check in Tools->Plugins, Installed tab that both modules are activated. To activate them, you need to select in left list and use Activate button in the right panel above module descriptions
Posted by vv159170 on Jan 29, 2008

Plugin combination breaks the IDE

I installed this and the experimental refactoring plugin at the same time and found that neither worked and worse still my right click was broken on source editing - no menu appeared at all (in c/c++ projects only, for Java projects the right click still worked). I only managed to restore the right click by uninstalling the plugins then disabling the c/c++ main plugin and then re-enabling, restarting each time. I'm using NB 6.0.
Posted by c_francis1@yahoo.com on Jan 28, 2008

re: plugin menu entries greyed-out

I just found out that you're not supposed to select (double-click) the item for which to use this plugin, just click once (i.e. place cursor) on the element and the menu entries show perfectly fine (and work great!).
Posted by hvstedum on Jan 24, 2008

plugin menu entries greyed-out

I just installed this plugin for NB6.0, and installation was reported succesful. Restarted NB, but the Call Graph and Find Usages entries in the context--menu remain insensitive (greyed-out), no matter what I select in the source. Any ideas?
Posted by hvstedum on Jan 24, 2008