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Assembler support for Netbeans 6.0 with C/C++ pack

NetBeans Plugin - Assembler for 6.0
Plugin owner: gorrus
Added: 2008-01-16
License: CDDL-GPLv2-no-CP
Category: Programming Languages
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- currently supported x86 and SPARC assembler/disassembler
- syntax highlighting (instructions, labels, registers etc.)
- hyperlinks on jump and call targets - ctrl+ click on a label or a function name
- selected register usage highlighting (read/write with different colors) - place caret on a register
- navigator works the same way as it does with Java or C/C++
- register usage information (shown in Registers Window) - Window->Navigating->Registers
- register live ranges - select a register in Registers Window

Open .s, .asm or .as file (other extensions are not supported now)

(C/C++ pack is required)
- go to Tools->Plugins
- go to Downloaded tab
- click on Add Plugins...
- select nbm
- accept everything
- restart IDE on request

Known issues:
- selection in registers window table lost on any action if sorting is not default
- memory and cpu usage is not always optimal
- register usage and liveranges only work for global functions (marked as .global)

Your feedback is highly appreciated at

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User Comments


Error when compling 32 bit ASM inline C++

AFAIK try -m32/-m64 flags
Posted by gorrus on Oct 15, 2012

Error when compling 32 bit ASM inline C++

I have a block code
__asm__ __volatile__( "movq $10, %eax\n"
"movq $20, %ebx\n"
"add %ebx, %eax\n");

when I complie it , I have error
"Error: unsupported for movq"

I think "movq" is intruction 64bit , so it have error
I want to conplie in 32bit environment but I dont know "Additional Compiler " in Netbean .

I try with : "Gcc -O0","Gcc -O3","Gcc -O3 -S" ,...

but I dont run the block code
Posted by nguyenbatam90 on Oct 11, 2012

Re: Syntax Highlighting

preprocessor directives can be used in some assemblers, so "#" was not added to the comments markers yet.
Posted by gorrus on Jan 21, 2009

Syntax Highlighting

I've installed this plugin on Netbeans 6.0; looks good except that it does not recognize the character "#" as a marquer for comments. Otherwise, /* */ and // work fine.
Posted by makhtar on Oct 07, 2008


Here is a modified version for 6.0.1:
Posted by gorrus on Mar 31, 2008

Can not install

Hi, I read the comment by vv159170, but can you modify that plugin for NB 6.0.1 as quick as you can ? So many NB 6.0.1 users can use your plugin without changing files. Please modify that plugin ! Thanks !
Posted by Jorgos on Mar 30, 2008

RE: Can not install 2

Hi, Orindzs, unfortunately this plug-in will not work under 6.0.1, because it uses exact built version 200711261600 from NB6.0 (some implementation dependency) and this number was changed in 6.0.1. To solve in 6.0.1 you need to hack jar file of module. Uunzip it and change content of META-INF/ file, then create jar again with new manifest. You need to replace number 200711261600 by the number taken from manifest file of module org-netbeans-modules-cnd-antlr.jar (again need to unzip and check the current number, but no need to change this file). Thanks, Vladimir.
Posted by vv159170 on Mar 07, 2008

Can not install 2

Hi gorrus!

As i sad in my first post i have the C/C++ pack installed because i use it and its works great. in NetBeans 6.0 it dose not any error to install this plugin, just under NB 6.0.1. Thx to your reply, please let me know if you find any solution to figure this out.
Posted by Orindzs on Feb 19, 2008

RE: Can not install

Most probably you do not have C/C++ pack installed (which ANTLR is a part of)
Posted by gorrus on Feb 19, 2008

Can not install

I can't install it for NetBeans IDE 6.0.1 under Ubuntu Linux.

It says:
Missing required modules for Plugin Asm:
C/C++ Code Model Implementation - ANTLR [module org.netbeans.modules.cnd.antlr = 200711261600]

But i have the C/C++ support because i downloaded the full version.

What i am doing wrong?
Posted by Orindzs on Feb 12, 2008