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C/C++ Call Graph (NB 6.1)

NetBeans Plugin - C/C++ Call Graph (NB 6.1)
Plugin owner: alexvsimon
Website: http://cnd.netbeans.org/
Added: 2008-01-11
License: CDDL-GPLv2-no-CP
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 7,819 times
 4.28, by 3 users

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some small improvements: export action in blank graph space; support mouse wheel; unsorted order of callees;

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C/C++ Call Graph for NB 6.1
See also: C/C++ Call Graph (NB 6.0)

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User Comments


Feature Request

Thanks for this useful plugin. I would like to request:
1. Able to change default mode to "Who calls function" or "Who is called from function"
2. Able to disable diagram
3. Able to export call hierarchy in text

Posted by cklee75 on Apr 18, 2008

Groundwork for C++ and UML integration (I wish...)

This is pretty cool. A tad slow on large projects, but cool nonetheless. Given that you have the data, it should be possible to create a UML sequence diagram as well, which would also be cool.

Really, what I'm hoping for in the future, is much more comprehensive C++/UML integration; in the first instance as a tool for source code comprehension. I regularly have a new old module dump into my lap, and getting an overview of how the beast is actually put together is always the first big challenge. Diagrams help.
Posted by eskild on Jan 16, 2008