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The X3DV Module Suite is a set of modules to code in X3D and VRML, the open standards for interactive and immersive 3D on Internet.

NetBeans Plugin - X3DV Module Suite v2.0
Plugin owner: jordi_rc
Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x3dvmodule
Added: 2008-01-03
License: LGPL
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Added a new module for VRML support

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The X3DV Module Suite is licensed with the LGPL license, which means that you can use it in a commercial product and license it as you like. But if you improve the module itself, you must tell the author so everyone gets benefited.

X3DV Encoding: This module adds support for the X3D Classic VRML encoding file format, with template for new x3dv files, icons, syntax highlighting, code templates and brackets completion.This way, you can edit X3D files inside Netbeans easily.

X3DV Palette:This is a palette of code snippets for X3D classical vrml encoding (.x3dv). When you press the icons, a snippet of code is copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it where you want. This way, you can code faster. The pieces of code are based on the practical use of X3D, and they gather the most usual code that is repeated many times. This palette also contains useful resources like materials for 3d objects.

VRML: Support for VRML world files. Syntax highlighting, templates, icons...

Jordi R. Cardona
X3DV Module Suite developer.
Netbeans Community Partner.
Hiperia3D News administrator.
WBandD Co-administrator.
Koinup Media Partner

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