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For Java application or applet developers that wants to add time based visualizations MiG Calendar Component is a best selling JavaBean that you can add to your projects with great ease. Unlike simpler date pickers and schedule components MiG Calendar is extremely configurable and comes with extensive IDE integrations. Everything you see, and much of what you don't see, can be configured to look and feel exactly like you want. You can easily create anything from Apple's iCal to Microsoft's Outlook just by configuring the component with any IDE.

NetBeans Plugin - MiG Calendar Component
Plugin owner: mgrev
Website: http://www.migcalendar.com
Added: 2007-12-12
License: Commercial with Free Evaluation
Downloaded: 4,452 times
 4.03, by 3 users

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New in v6.0

Java Beans

Version 6 enhances the already advanced and flexible Java Beans even further by adding a number of new beans and increasing the compatibility with different IDEs. MiG Calendar Component Suite has been tested with all major IDEs and many of the smaller ones. The Java Beans are now as extensible and flexible as the Themed approach.

Ease of Use & Compatibility

By providing defaults and example projects, with Source code, for the Java Beans the time from initial download to a working application to has been reduced to a minimum. Just open of any of the sample projects in netBeans or Eclipse and run.

Printing and Print Preview

Now you can in an easy and supported way print your calendars. Not only can you do this over several pages automatically, you also have lots and lots of options. This includes print decorators for things like headers and footers or custom designs. There is also a Print Preview Java Bean with which you can add printing previews to your application with a simple drag & drop.

Category Tree

Categories in MiG Calendar are used to tag activities (events) any way you choose. This is normally used to divide them into calendars or by owner but you can do much more. Now there is a Java Bean that shows the Category Tree, or parts thereof, in any way you want. The Category Tree can be configured to look and feel just about any way you want it to.

Date Spinning

Date spinners that can be used to select a date/time or interval has been added to the Java Bean arsenal. There are two types and they can be configured to look and feel any way you want, including using totally custom graphics from images. Multiple spinners can be connected to represent one date/time. They can also be automatically connected to a DateArea's visible date range, and all without touching the code.

API Enhancements

There have been numerous smaller enhancements and additions to the APIs for the MiG Calendar Component Suite. Everything from the full RFC 2445 Recurrence implementation to the Date Range calculations have been improved and enhanced.

New Decorators

There are three new decorators in V6.0. They can be used to paint AShapes anywhere in the calendar/grid, paint the background and/or labels for a date range, with support for recurrences, or paint the background and/or stroke for a number of cells. In total there are now about 20 different decorators, giving you the flexibility to create whatever visuals you want, without reinventing the wheel.

Java 6.0 Compatibility & Features

MiG Calendar now officially supports V6.0 of the Java platform. There is full support for subpixel anti-aliased fonts and extensive tests have been made to assure that there are no incompatibilities.


Flexible component structure. One component class handles all types of calendars. Everything that is visible is added through the use if layered Decorators. This makes it easy to migrate from one type to another, since it is just a matter of configuration. Even day/week/month/year views are just the same component configured differently. Complete recurrence handling that supports all aspects of the iCalendar (RFC 2445) specification. This includes custom recurrences with including and excluding sub recurrences. Date utility package included for handling advanced date and date range arithmetic such as iterating over time periods and rounding dates to boundaries. Complete all around header support with mouse interaction effects and events. This includes automatic scrolling and corner fill components as well as the option to insert your custom components anywhere, even between the headers and the date area. The headers also has layered Decorator support so that you can write custom code to decorate them if the build in ones doesn't cover you use case. Extensive event support. Almost any changes and interactions can be caught by listening for events. The AShape API can even create and fire custom events for any type of interaction. Both an interface and implementing classes are included for handling the activities in the calendar. This makes it a simple thing to integrate your existing classes, or create new ones, with MiG Calendar.

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