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Seven sample applications for Google Web Toolkit.

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Incremented to 1.3. Now all the samples in chapter 4, as well as the sample from chapter 2, are included.

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Seven samples from chapter 2 and chapter 4 of "Google Web Toolkit: GWT Java AJAX Programming" by Prabhakar Chaganti, published by Packt Publishing, February 2007.

Simple AJAX applications, focusing on specific AJAX features, such as an asynchronously updated auto complete box, sortable table, and dynamic list.

A full description of how to build the "Hello World" application (i.e., the first of the 7 in the list) from scratch, using the NetBeans Google Web Toolkit plugin, is available here:

Introduction to the Google Web Toolkit

Related blog entries: Hello GWT (Part 1), Hello GWT (Part 2), and Hello GWT (Part 3)

To compile and run the samples, you will need to simply attach three JARs from the GWT distribution to the samples' Libraries node:

  1. gwt-dev-something.jar
  2. gwt-servlet.jar
  3. gwt-user.jar

To use the samples, you do not need to install the NetBeans GWT Plugin. The plugin provides wizards for generating a project source structure and a set of service artifacts. The plugin does not provide the above JARs, which you must get from the GWT distribution.

Where to find the samples:


  • At runtime, the Hello World application looks as follows, with a quotation being returned asynchronously from the server, every second:


  • At runtime, the Password Strength Checker looks as follows, with check boxes changing color as more letters are added to the proposed password checker field:


  • At runtime, the Auto Completer application looks as follows, providing an auto complete box that updates itself without refreshing the page:


  • At runtime, the Auto Form Filler application shows an empty table, which is filled when you type "1111" or "2222" in the Customer ID field:


  • At runtime, the Editable Flickr application lets you click on the text below the image. The text becomes editable and you can choose Save or Cancel, both of which function as expected:


  • At runtime, the Dynamic List application lets you select an item in the 1st list, which results in items appearing in the 2nd list, but only those that relate to the selected item in the first list. Then an item can be selected in the 3rd list, but the content of the 3rd list depends on the selected item in the 2nd list:


  • At runtime, the Sortable Table application looks as follows, giving you a table with headers that can be clicked for alphabetization:


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