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A simple UI to create properties

NetBeans Plugin - Add Property
Plugin owner: sandipchitale
Added: 2007-11-04
License: CDDL
Category: Programming Languages
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Support initializer expression.

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A simple UI to create properties and related boilerplate code. The code generation can be configured using the freemarker template using the Tools:Templates menu item.

Please provide feedback to influence further development.


  • validation is not implemented yet


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User Comments


RE: foldable option

Well that looks pretty bad, but you get my point. Just have to add two commented lines (one above the code, one below) telling the editor to fold the code.
Posted by ksariash on Mar 13, 2008

foldable option

It would be nice to have the option to make the code foldable.

The example below would generate the property and fold it up neatly in the editor.

protected String name = "";

* Get the value of name
* @return the value of name
public String getName() {

* Set the value of name
* @param newname new value of name
public void setName(String newname) { = newname;
Posted by ksariash on Mar 13, 2008

RE: javadoc

It would be nice to start with a comment describing the use of a property. I don't know if there's a convention for where the property's documentation string should be. Should it be repeated 3 times for the setter, getter and member variable? I hate to repeat the same documentation three times, because it will surely be inconsistent, but it seems to allow for an initial statement that is repeated in the getter and setter documentation would be an improvement over the generic javadoc that is inserted. Thanks for putting in the initial value field!
Posted by jbfaden on Dec 27, 2007

RE: initial value and javadoc

Initial value field has been added.

Can you please elaborate on "descriptive string for javadoc"?
Posted by sandipchitale on Dec 24, 2007

initial value and javadoc

Please consider adding fields for initial value and a descriptive string for javadoc.
Posted by jbfaden on Dec 20, 2007