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Project sharing packaging utility.

NetBeans Plugin - Project Packager
Plugin owner: huntch
Added: 2007-09-27
License: Sun Microsystems, Inc. Binary Code License
Category: Utilities
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Provides packaging of projects into ZIP archives and sending these ZIPs by e-mail. Import back into the IDE is supported as well.

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User Comments



Same problem,
Concerning the "zip-project:
Warning: skipping zip archive /Users/earlyjp/Desktop/ because no files were included."

After an opening of a cmd I saw a empty space before the project name.(invisible with the windows of netbeans)
So I've removed it(rename the project)and :-)
Posted by EricV on Apr 17, 2012

I think I've figured out my problem...

It appears that any punctuation marks or spaces in the project name cause the export to fail. My students use this to submit their work, and we discovered that we could get the export to work properly by renaming the project (without the errant characters). If you do rename, name sure to check the box indicating that the underlying directory should also be changed. So far, we haven't encountered a case we couldn't fix in this manner. Thanks again, for a *very* useful plugin!
Posted by earlyjp on May 01, 2008


The name is really awfull, this not package nothing, it zip the project.

The name have to be something like Project Zipper, Project Mailler...
Posted by onolox on Apr 22, 2008

Same issue as below

It doesn't export My Project as a ZIP. It gives the error:

Warning: skipping zip archive C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\ because no files were included.
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 0 seconds)

It also gives the dialog:
ZIP(s) created successfully.
Posted by muppet_tizer on Feb 28, 2008

Useful indeed, but...

When trying to export some projects, I get warnings of this form:

Warning: skipping zip archive /Users/earlyjp/Desktop/ because no files were included.

The pop-up window reports that the zip files(s) were created successfully, but in fact they are not. Can't seem to determine what causes some projects to fail while others complete successfully. I've seen this in Netbeans 5.5 and 6.01 running on Solaris 10 and MacOS 10.4. Ideas?
Posted by earlyjp on Feb 24, 2008

Nice plugin

I like this useful plugin very much. I use it to copy project sources to my notebook for some experiments. It is even possible to archive a project state, if i do not want to checkin. Very nice that the archive file name gets a time stamp.
The only thing that could be enhanced is the dialog size (longer pathes would be visible then without scrolling). Settings for default directory pathes would be nice too.
Posted by rbuss on Nov 25, 2007