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This application is intended for all Perl enthusiasts who have been long waiting for a Perl IDE on the NetBeans platform. It aims at filling the void for Perl programmers in the NetBeans arena by providing an IDE that works out-of-the-box and provides all the features of a full-blown programming environment. This IDE is currently in very early stages of development and would be driven by the requirements of community. The features included now will be expanded accordingly. Please visit the Facebook page @ to stay updated with th latest news and updates on this IDE.

NetBeans Plugin - Perl On NetBeans
Plugin owner: sudeephazra
Added: 2011-02-03
License: Freeware
Category: Programming Languages
Downloaded: 13,721 times
 4.2, by 3 users

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Planned features
Initially, the following are the features that are planned to be integrated with this IDE:

1. Perl File Type Support
2. Perl Project Type
3. Code Execution and Syntax checking
4. Perl Tidy and Perl Critic (Source code formatting and analysis respectively)
5. Syntax highlighting
6. Brace matching
7. Real-time error parsing
8. Code completion
9. Code folding
10. Debugger Support

Currently, all these features are not available.

This IDE requires the following to be installed on your system for the IDE to work properly:
1. Perl v5.8 or greater
2. Java 6 or greater
3. Perl Critic and Perl Tidy applications from my Google Code page

The Perl and Java binaries should be available in the PATH variable of your system.
The installation of “Perl On NetBeans” can be summarized in the following steps
1. Downloading the IDE from Google Code
2. Extracting the downloaded archive file to any location
3. Downloading the Perl Critic and Perl Tidy executables
4. Extracting the Perl Tidy and Perl Critic executables to your Perl binary install location (e.g., C:\Perl\bin)

Please download the module suite from the download section on my Google Code page

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User Comments


Plugin Version

The plugin is being tested and would be release in September 2014.
Posted by sudeephazra on Sep 15, 2014

Where is the plugin?

I see this is only available with a full IDE download. Is it possible to make this an actual plugin?
Posted by wfsaxton on Aug 13, 2014

Please keep up the good work


Thanks for your interest and support. Do visit the Facebook page to stay updated on the latest news/updates on this IDE.
Posted by sudeephazra on Apr 03, 2013

Please keep up the good work

Do keep up the good work, provided full ratings and will also provide all possible support.
Posted by ashvant on Apr 03, 2013

What are the features?

The items numbered 1-4 are the currently available features. Rest are in progress.
Posted by sudeephazra on Oct 12, 2011

What are the features?

You said the "Planned features" in your Plugin Introduction, but what are the "Current features"?
Posted by _m4c0_ on Oct 11, 2011

Please dont't stop


Your feedback is much appreciated. I am working on adding new features and on the stability of the application. If this application has been of any help to you, please spare some time to rate it.
Posted by sudeephazra on Sep 15, 2011

Please dont't stop

We're looking forward for the new releases and new fetures...
Posted by zurom on Sep 15, 2011

Proposed Platform

Hi Flebber,

I am working on adding features to the IDE and moving to 7 in not on top of my list right now (busy with my day job) :(
Posted by sudeephazra on Sep 13, 2011

Proposed Platform


thanks for starting the work on this, I had never really gone far into netbeans because of the the lack of support. I notice currently supported is 6.9, will you be looking to port this onto the 7.1 series? Are there significant road blocks to moving project like this to 7.1?
Posted by flebber on Sep 13, 2011
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