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Sample suite for the selection tutorials

NetBeans Plugin - Selection Suite Sample
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Added: 2007-07-26
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Changed links to tutorials, because I moved them to a new folder, for 6.0.

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Selection Suite Sample, which is the end result of the 4-part selection tutorial by Tim Boudreau. This module installs the sample in the New Project wizard, within the NetBeans Plug-in Modules samples category. For details, go here.

The sample illustrates how Lookup, Nodes, and Property Editors are used and created, as explained in the following tutorial series:

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Messes with NB 7.0

I tried installing this module in NB7.0 but this module installs some older dependencies that cause NB7.0 to not recognize any of my projects. Would it be possible to provide the sources as a Netbeans Project instead of as a Netbeans plugin?
Posted by jo_vark on Jun 22, 2011