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Added: 2008-08-13
License: CDDL
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What's new in this version

7.0 only supported. For the first time, the sample (and the tutorial) includes those samples of the project type, registered in the New Project wizard.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


Project Factory for simple source structures consisting of an application with a folder that must be named "texts". Contents of this folder will be displayed in Projects window. Project will have several project-level commands, like 'Delete' and 'Copy'.

In the New Project wizard (Ctrl-Shift-N), complete the sample "Samples | NetBeans Modules | Demo Project Factory" and then you'll have these sources:


Make sure you have a folder structure that includes a folder named "texts", and then you can open that folder structure as a project, as shown below:



Note: As shown above, you will have two samples of your project type in the New Project wizard (Ctrl-Shift-N).

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User Comments



That works now! I just didn't know I had to add that Lookup API. No other problems :) Thanks !
Posted by fluturel on Jul 13, 2010

Follow the tutorial

Instead of doing all of that, just follow the tutorial I pointed you to. You'll learn a lot more that way.
Posted by geertjan on Jul 03, 2010


Thanks for your quick reply. That didn't work for me ... there are no include lines on that page. So i donwloaded the .nbm and in folder netbeans\modules\org-netbeans-demo-project.jar\org\netbeans\demo\project i found a ZIP archive So i loaded that project in NetBeans and though it has some errors with Lookups and ProxyLookup when I installed it i got a "BUILD SUCCESSFUL". Yet i didn't find the Demo Project Factory in Samples\NetBeans Modules.
Posted by fluturel on Jul 03, 2010
Posted by geertjan on Jul 03, 2010

ZIPped Source Code

Do you think you could publish the source code of this module? I mean the complete source code not just the classes but the imports as well. Because I can't compile this module. I can't install it. I'm using NetBeans 6.9. Or at least does anyone know of any open source module for NetBeans that defines a new project type?
Posted by fluturel on Jul 03, 2010

List of existing project types to extend?


thanks for the helpful example. I think I have to create a project type from the scratch. But to be sure It will be nice to have a list of all existing project types which I can extend. Do you know a fast way to find all of these project types? I had only a look in the Netbeans IDE and not in any source till now. Especially I am interested in project types with less functionality.

best regards
Oliver Rettig
Posted by oliverrettig on Sep 17, 2008
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