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Templates and samples for Spring RCP.

NetBeans Plugin - Spring RCP Tooling
Plugin owner: geertjan
Website: http://java.dzone.com/news/spring-rcp-tutorial
Added: 2008-06-30
License: CDDL
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What's new in this version

1.1: Added a new sample that illustrates docking. 1.2: Removed superfluous and problematic dependency on the Ant module. 1.3: Added a code template 'dock' which will expand inside a Spring configuration file to the tags required for letting windows dock in the application, as well as a sample that is the result of part 1 of the Spring RCP Tutorial. 1.4: Added a sample that is the result of part of part 2 of the Spring RCP tutorial. 1.5: Added tutorial samples 4 (VLDocking), 5 (FlexDock), 6 (JIDE), 7 (MyDoggy), and 8 (TabbedContainer) to show integration with these docking frameworks.

Verifications for NetBeans versions

Plugin is not subject to any verification


Templates and samples for Spring RCP. The plugin provides a project template that you can use to create a new empty Spring RCP application, together with the main JARs related to Spring RCP, as well as several project samples and a file template that creates and registers new Spring views. The generated empty Spring RCP application looks as follows:


All the details are provided on Javalobby: Getting Started with Spring RCP

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User Comments



yeah, I am sure the version which I am using is 6.1 final relesse. I have updated all patchs for 6.1.
I think the plugin-depent version is newer than the versio provied by nb 6.1.
I have tried on windows XP and Fedora 9 , and encountered the same problem.
Posted by hantsy on Jul 01, 2008

1.2 removes dependency on Ant

I've just uploaded 1.2 version of this plugin which simply removes the dependency on the Ant module, which wasn't needed in the first place. Feel free to try it again and leave a message with the results.
Posted by geertjan on Jul 01, 2008

Are you sure you are using 6.1?

Are you sure you are using 6.1? I.e. the final release of it, from netbeans.org? And not some development build or milestone or something? Sorry, no subversion repo yet, will be there in the coming weeks.
Posted by geertjan on Jul 01, 2008

Error occured when installing it .

I downloaded this plugins and began to install it, the dependency error occured.
Where is the cvs/subversion repository ?
Missing required modules for Plugin SpringRCPCustomizer:
Ant-Based Project Support [module org.netbeans.modules.project.ant/1 = 200805300101]
Posted by hantsy on Jul 01, 2008

Would it be possible for you to try the plugin without the patches?

The only difference between my setup and yours seems to be the patches. Could you try and install the plugin again, without the patches and other things you might have added on top of the 6.1 release?
Posted by geertjan on Jul 01, 2008

ant version is wrong

after update netbeans patch, the ant version is 200804211638,
but this plugin depend on ant version 200805300101
Posted by steven_dl on Jul 01, 2008